Techno Pave & Project is a real powerhouse; their extended building services are simply an extension of the best in paving!

There is no doubt that Techno Pave & Projects is king of the hill where it comes to providing the best paving in Pretoria and Johannesburg, but who could have predicted that this long-established company could stretch out to encompass versatile building services, making them the go-to team for clients so satisfied with the quality of paving carried out by this team, that they insist that only Techno Pave & Projects is good enough to do so much more.

In fact, this is the main reason that Techno Pave & Projects has had to extend their services to cover an exceptional range of building services in order to meet the demands of these satisfied clients, most of whom have called on Techno Pave & Projects for every new project they would like to take on and be certain of the quality!

Supply and demand is the groundwork for any successful business, whether it is a pool installation company or a paving company, the same rules apply, especially if you want to stick around and continue to flourish in business as long as Techno Pave & Projects has since 1999!

The additional services added to the repertoire at Techno Pave & Projects is testimony of the quality any client can look forward to, whether it is in search of beautiful, intricate paving or plastering and tiling meant to last!

The reason that Techno Pave & Projects has no need for fancy advertising campaigns is twofold. In the first place, this knowledgeable, experienced and skilled team produces only the very best in paving, and if you aren’t sure about this, speak to any customer that has dealt with Techno Pave & Projects! This is the best advertising any business could hope for, and it allows Techno Pave & Projects to continue to offer optimal quality at affordable prices!

Secondly, after all these years in the paving industry, it stands to reason that for every service added to a growing list, Jacques Barlow, owner and manager who keeps his finger very much in the pie, has earned invaluable experience in the building trade, allowing them to produce the same high standard in everything done over and above exceptional paving!

If it is project management of any kind you need, Techno Pave & Projects is the team for you! In addition to this, Jacques also heads up the civil construction services offered, assuring clients of high quality workmanship from the various teams at Techno Pave & Projects.  Each member of every team is trained to carry out specific areas on each project, ensuring that every part of any project will be of the highest quality possible!

Carports and shade covers, asphalt laying, palisade fencing, bollards and more, you name it, Techno Pave & Projects delivers!

Starting with the consultancy services you can expect at Techno Pave & Projects, on to the drawing board and then to final installation, Jacques and his team is able to assist you on any and every project you may have in mind, and it will be an investment in quality that will be well-worthwhile!

If you can think it, Techno Pave & Projects will bend over backwards to make it happen!