Techno Pave & Projects takes paving to a whole new level & adds expert additional services into the mix!

If you think that Techno Pave & Projects is only the leading paving company in Gauteng you would be wrong! This company’s core focus may be on designing beautifully intricate paving, using only high quality paving products from well-established suppliers who have a reputation to match Techno Pave & Projects, however, director Jacques Barlow has guided his team to an expansions of services that would never have been thought possible when he started out in 1999!

Jacques is completely hands-on, to the extent that he does the quoting and management of all aspects of project construction, including asphalt laying, proving that the art and quality of the paving offered by this team is in perfect alignment with the fact that Techno Pave (Barlow Bros cc) also specialises in brick paving and civil construction projects designed for simplicity.

These additional services offered by the highly trained teams at Techno Pave & Projects has expanded to such an extent that it includes tar surfacing and road marking, kerbing, earthworks, plastering and tiling, as well as top notch building services in Gauteng.

As if that’s not enough, Techno Pave & Projects displays a fearlessness and absolute commitment based on years’ worth of experience and knowledge to go as far as adding steel fencing and gates, gate automation as well as carports and shade ports to the incredible range of services each team at Techno Pave & Projects is fully trained to carry out with sheer professionalism!

Add to this a list of high profile clients such as ONE Property Holdings, M & T Developments, Creative Housing, Imperial Group, Nersa and MNK Projects (Curro Schools), to name just a few and you have an idea of the quality expected of Techno Pave & Projects!

Of course there is an equally long list of residential clients who have remained utterly loyal to Techno Pave & Projects right from the beginning, in fact, it’s these clients who, over the years, demanded that Jacques add the same quality to other projects they need tackled!

Absolutely nothing stands in the way of this team, and no project is too small or too big for them to take on and complete through expert workmanship dedicated to lasting quality, which is the hallmark of excellence that makes any project a perfect example of what can be expected from Techno Pave & Projects.  This team takes immense pride in their reputation and nothing is going to stop them from maintaining it at the level that has brought them this far!

It’s not just the quality of the paving projects carried out by Techno Pave & Projects that keeps them at the top of their industry, it is also their absolute commitment to supplying quality at affordable prices and laying paving in the most cost effective manner possible, maintaining a standard of workmanship that is unbeatable, no matter how big or small any project may be!

Stunning quality paving is what put Techno Pave & Projects on the map, and it is very much the core of their business, however, any project touched by this team outside of paving carries the same standard of reliability and trust built on a solid foundation over many years!

If you have a paving project you are itching to get going on, let Jacques and his team offer you a free quote, this introduction alone will be enough to assure you that you will be working with the very best paving company in Gauteng – and if there is another type of building or renovation project stewing, do the same, the results will be of the same level of excellence that marks all Techno Pave & Projects work!