Ready to invest in the best paving in Pretoria & Johannesburg?

How would you know that Techno Pave & Projects is the team you can trust above all others to make your investment in beautiful paving in Pretoria and Johannesburg worthwhile?

Here are just a few reasons Techno Pave & Projects is considered the leading paving company in Gauteng:

  • Techno Pave & Projects has a wealth of invaluable experience where it comes to everything to do with paving, accumulated since well before the official opening of the company in 1999. This is a ton of experience that ensures an exceptional quality of workmanship offered by a highly skilled range of teams, and no matter what type of paving Techno Pave & Projects installs, it will last!
  • Highly recommended by previous clients; this is the true measure of any company in terms of whether they can be trusted with your money! Speak to any Techno Pave & Projects client and any doubts you may have had will disappear!  Techno Pave & Projects has enjoyed phenomenal success over the years, and today, most new clients approaching this team do so on third party recommendations.

Add to all the above the unwavering standard of professionalism, reliability and trust that this paving company in Gauteng offers and you have the gold standard in paving at your disposal.

  • Quality paving at affordable prices; as a result of the many years Techno Pave & Projects has been in the paving industry, owner/manager Jacques Barlow and his teams have been able to build long term relationships with only the most trusted suppliers, whether for cobble stone, flagstone or clay and masonry brick pavers, making it possible to offer nothing less than the best in paving at affordable prices. Techno Pave & Projects uses only first-grade, SABS approved bricks – only excellent quality will do for this team!
  • Paving tailored to meet your budget, big or small; yet again, Techno Pave & Projects easily stands head above shoulders of the rest in the industry, working with each client to ensure that no matter how big or small a budget is, Jacques and his team will put every effort into meeting your budget, without adding any nasty surprises to the bill on completion of your paving.
  • Intricate paving designs; Techno Pave & Projects take great pride in the fact that they take a completely artistic approach to designing and laying beautiful, intricate paving, adding fantastic resale value and aesthetic appeal to any property.
  • One stop approach to all paving projects; once you have decided to start on your paving with Techno Pave & Projects, you will only be dealing with one team, from start to finish! The advisory services offered by Jacques comes in very handy once it gets to the design and drawing board stage of your paving.  Meticulous attention to detail leads from the drawing board to installation and final touches, without having to deal with more than one contractor throughout the process!
  • Additional services keep Techno Pave & Projects in the family; over the years clients have demanded it, and Techno Pave & Projects has delivered! Because clients know that they can rely on the quality workmanship delivered by this team where it comes to paving, they have continued to encourage Techno Pave & Projects to stretch their services into other areas they have needed once the paving is complete.

The end result of this is that Techno Pave & Projects is able to offer additional services such as fencing, gates, earthworks, plastering and tiling, to name just a few, proving that anything is possible when put into the hands of Techno Pave & Projects!

No matter what type of project you have in mind the one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that Techno Pave & Projects is game to tackle anything, and to do it every bit as well as well as they produce the best paving in Gauteng – give them a call today for a free quote, or to discuss any other project to do with building!