Optimal quality at affordable prices is the very least you can expect from Techno Pave & Projects.

Despite having achieved phenomenal success over many years of designing and laying beautiful paving in Gauteng, Jacques Barlow of Techno Pave & Projects was not satisfied to leave it there. Setting the sights of his talented team of craftsmen on providing additional services such as earthworks, plastering and tiling, road marking and tar surfacing, has turned Techno Pave & Projects into a full service company that is able to maintain a consistently high standard of workmanship across the board without compromising quality in the least.

Techno Pave & Projects offers you a team you can trust to be the most professional and reliable partner you can have on projects, bringing many years worth of experience to bear on any paving project or the management of civil construction projects that is taken on by this team, irrespective of the size.

Having already gained a reputation as the premium paving specialists in Pretoria and surrounding areas it was not hard for Techno Pave & Projects to branch out each time clients requested additional services they would only trust this team to carry out, which has created a snowball effect as it has grown on the heels of recommendations from satisfied clients.

Where it comes to paving Techno Pave & Projects has certainly earned a reputation for reliable service of an exceptional standard and as with anything else that comes from this company, only the highest quality of cobble stone, flagstones, clay and masonry brick pavers are considered good enough for their clients.

Techno Pave & Projects is able to provide tenders on all types of segmental paving from standard brick paving to the most intricate of designs and you can be confident that any pavers and tiles provided by Techno Pave & Projects will be of optimal quality at affordable prices.

Join the ranks of many high profile clients today by calling the team of experts at Techno Pave & Projects to discuss any specific project you would like to plan with experienced professionals.