How to get going on your paving project with Techno Pave & Projects.

‘Your satisfaction is our guarantee’ – a pretty big statement to make, unless it can be backed up! This is the motto at Techno Pave & Projects where it comes to paving in Pretoria and Johannesburg, and it is as true today as it was when established in 1999.

So, where do you start to get any paving going when you work with very hands on owner and manager, Jacques Barlow and his teams?

  • The first step.

Make the first easy call to a friendly, professional and down to earth team for a free quote, where meticulous attention is paid to exact measurements to lay the groundwork for what is to follow.

  • Reliable consultancy and advisory services.

Once measurements have been taken, Jacques will sit down with you to discuss the type and style of paving you are looking for; the kind of paving that will offer you the best investment, adding fantastic, well-worthwhile resale value to your property, whether it is for residential or commercial property.

This is also where you will start making decisions about whether you are looking for cobble stone paving, brick and masonry paving, flagstone paving and more, which is also when Techno Pave & Projects will make best recommendations about the type of paving would work best with the area you plan to have paved. If it is intricate, beautiful paving you would like to add aesthetic value to your property, you will have come to the right place, no doubt about it!

  • What about segmental paving?

Segmental paving is a job best taken on by true specialists or else you could look at having to repair or replace more often than you would if the groundwork is not prepared properly in the first place. Since cement or brick pavers used to create long lasting, great looking paving in areas such as walkways and patios etc. you will also be discussing just how much foot or vehicle traffic there will be in these areas, especially in the case of driveways and walkways – after all, you want it to last!  Techno Pave is also imminently qualified to take tenders of any size and deliver the same quality, irrespective of how big or small the area to be paved may be.

  • To the drawing board.

This is a really exciting phase of seeing the plans for your paving start taking shape with the assistance of Techno Pave & Projects, and, once again, as true artists who are driven to produce fine art, you can be absolutely certain that by the time the drawing board stage is over and a timetable set for the start and completion of the paving, you will have exactly what you envisioned, and more!

  • What about your budget?

This is another area where Techno Pave & Projects rise to the occasion without hesitation! Whether you have a large or small budget, you are going to get the same consistent standard of paving and highly skilled workmanship that has made Techno Pave & Projects the number one paving company in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

When loyal customers recommend a paving contractor the way that they do with this team, you can be certain that there is a good reason for this! This is where investing in paving will be a high quality investment that will stand the test of time!

  • Finally, the completion!

Once Techno Pave & Projects has set up a paving schedule that will suit you, you can look forward to saving even more money; completion will always be on time, without any dragging of feet, after all, this is a reputation prized by the team at Techno Pave & Projects!

Don’t even waste your time with any other paving company, call Techno Pave & Projects and you can look forward to optimal quality and superb workmanship from a well-established company highly respected in the industry and by their many satisfied clients!