Can You Install Pavers on Top of Concrete?

There are various reasons why homeowners would opt for a concrete patio. It’s economical, fast and fairly durable. However, it isn’t really pleasing to the eye and the day you wish you installed paving instead of concrete might come a little sooner than you think.

The good news is that, YES, you can install paving on top of your concrete. This will instantly add style to your home. But, before you do, there are some requirements your patio has to meet:

No huge cracks

You can’t install paving over concrete if it has noticeable cracks in it. When the ground underneath gets hot or cold, it’s movement could shift and counteract the paving, leaving you with a disastrous outcome.

Door threshold need to have enough height

Before adding another layer of building material, you need to consider the height of your door threshold. If there is room for another layer in the form of paving, then you can go ahead.

Installing paving over concrete will save you time and money since you won’t have to destroy the existing concrete layer and do away with rubble. You also won’t have to create a base of compacted sand before you can lay your paving.

If you’re still not sure if paving are the right choice for your patio installation, talk to paving specialists in Johannesburg about your options. The team here at Techno Pave has extensive experience in the paving industry as well as related industries such as kerbing, tar surfacing and road marking.

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