As a leading paving company in Pretoria since 1999, Techno Pave & Projects towers above the rest!

How would you like to add real aesthetic and resale value to your residential property, industrial or commercial property by working with the top paving company in Pretoria, one that offers only first-grade quality in any product they use, sold at affordable prices and using only the best of the established suppliers in South Africa?

Not only is Techno Pave & Projects able to offer all of the above for any size paving project, they have also been around long enough to have the expertise and experience to have taken on some major projects that involve up to over 20,000 m2 of paving!

These are not projects for the faint-hearted, yet, whether the paving project is one that is designed for a driveway, patio, parking area or anything else of that size, or a major tender for every type of segmental paving provided by Techno Pave & Projects, the quality and workmanship remains the same!

It is this consistency and commitment to excellence that has taken director Jacques Barlow from humble origins in 1999 and driven Techno Pave & Projects to the top, earning their place at the top of a highly competitive industry based on a long list of satisfied customers that have remained loyal to this team.

It is the pride the team at Techno Pave & Projects has in their reputation that has led these long term customers to push Techno Pave & Projects to add additional services to their portfolio, all made possible through sheer determination to deliver the quality these customers expect out of any project carried out by this team!

Techno Pave & Projects approach paving projects with the same attention to detail and focus that any artist would invest in a work of art, and, based on the beautiful, intricate designs that have been brought to life by this team, it’s clear that what they do is not only for style but for durability!

No Techno Pave & Projects customer has ever had to bring this team in to repair their work not long after the paving has been installed, however, their fundamental values are underlined by a quality guarantee that will see your project completed on time, every time.

The philosophy behind all that is done by Techno Pave & Projects is that every quality installation carried out by these highly trained teams is a guarantee more valuable than any other form of accolade!

You will know exactly what is happening with your paving project, construction project or any other project undertaken by Techno Pave & Projects from the day that final plans are signed off; the policy of the hands-on director Jacques Barlow is one of clear communication in order to make sure that no customer is ever left in the dark or any project is ever behind schedule!

This is as down-to-earth a team to work with as you could possibly find, honesty, professionalism and quality is the bottom line at Techno Pave & Projects; how else would a top paving company in Pretoria reach the level of success this team has if all these qualities were not considered an essential component of their dedication to consistency!

Create beautiful paving designed to last with this team, whether it is intricately designed, or designed for ultimate simplicity, whichever it is, if Techno Pave & Projects is behind it all, you will have made an investment in sheer quality that will continue to pay for itself as the years go by!