5 “Facts” About Concrete That Simply Isn’t True

Concrete can be used to build nearly anything. From driveways to complete buildings, it is a robust and versatile material. Concrete plays a significant part in construction, however, there are many myths that are still believed to be true by many people. We are here to give you the facts so you can make an informed decision when choosing your construction material in the future.

  1. Concrete is always grey in colour

Concrete typically starts out as grey but it doesn’t necessarily have to end that way. If you add mineral colours to the concrete mixture while wet and blend it thoroughly, it will give the concrete a different colour when it sets.

  1. Acid can be used to strip sealant from concrete

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Since acid is a chemical, it can cause severe damage to the concrete. Under no circumstances should you use acid to strip concrete from sealant. Instead, use a sealant solvent or stripper.

  1. Cement and concrete are the same things

People use these terms conversely but the truth is that cement is an ingredient in concrete used to create concrete paving.

  1. Concrete isn’t porous

Even the densest type of concrete is permeable. Substances like liquids and vapour can easily penetrate concrete. How long it will take for them to pass through will depend on the density of the concrete.

  1. You can lay concrete in all weather conditions

Concrete, while remarkably durable, won’t fully dry unless poured in the right weather conditions. Extremely hot or freezing conditions may prevent the concrete from setting properly.

That’s five concrete myths busted. If you need more information about concrete paving or require an obligation free quote, get in touch with Techno Pave paving specialists in Johannesburg today. Our friendly team is ready to help!