4 Reasons Why You Need Bollards for Your Business

Bollards are short vertical posts that can be permanent or temporary. These sturdy little posts act as a barrier between the vehicles on the road and the worksite or pedestrian area. Below are some reasons why you might want to consider installing bollards on your business premises:

  1. Traffic control

Bollards are both a visual and physical barrier and come in various shapes, colours, sizes and designs. Security bollards protect your property and employees by creating a controlled traffic setting.

  1. Impact Protection

Barriers around the perimeter will protect your property from unwanted clutter and hassle. While other options like concrete blocks or fences are valid, bollards allow for clear pedestrian flow while restricting vehicle access.

  1. Security

In recent years vehicle ram-raids have become more popular and an increased concern for store owners. Perpetrators crash a vehicle into a building to gain access. This threatens the safety of both customers and employees and can cause significant damage. Installing bollards will discourage this type of behaviour, reducing the security risk.

  1. Parking regulating

Bollards for parking are often overlooked but it can be a costly mistake if you don’t install them. You can improve security and reduce the likelihood of accidents in your parking lot by strategically installing bollards.

The most common places to install parking bollards include:

Handicapped Parking

Every parking lot has to include special reserved parking for handicapped people. To avoid misuse, bollards should be put in place to ensure availability.

Reserved Parking

For a more temporary solution, you can invest in removable parking bollards. These are designed to offer a visual deterrent more than accident protection.

Restricted and Expanding Parking Spaces

Temporarily removable bollards are also great for expanding and restricted parking spaces. When the need arises to accommodate a large crowd for a special event, bollards can be used to section parking off.

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