4 Reasons Why Pavers Are Best For Water Drainage

Most of South Africa gets a fair amount of rainfall during summer except for Cape Town who gets rain during winter. You’ve probably noticed that pools of water accumulate when the water has nowhere to go especially after a big storm. To prevent flooding, many homeowners have turned to pavers to drain excess water.

  1. Allows for water to seep into the ground

Pavers are porous and installed with space in between every stone. This allows water to run back into the ground without a problem, unlike concrete and asphalt.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Paving stones have the environmental benefit of being penetrable, and when there’s movement in the ground, it will move along with the earth and not crack.

  1. Appealing to the eye

Many business owners take advantage of the drainage abilities of pavers which prevents water build-up in parking lots and sidewalks. This doesn’t only look better but limits serious slip accidents.

Homeowners opt for pavers for their driveways to keep water flow in order and because pavers look neat, giving instant curb appeal.

  1. Allows control over water flow and runoff

If you’re considering a patio installation, think about the direction your water flows and how you will get rid of excess water. Because of the excellent drainage ability, pavers are the number one choice for patios. They will allow water to run through and not form puddles. To prevent excess water from ruining your flowers, veggies or fruit you can create a paver walkway in your garden.

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