3 Signs It’s Time To Repave Your Driveway

Your home might be the most beautiful home on the block but a worn driveway won’t do much for its curb appeal. While driveway paving can last for many years, eventually there will come a time when you’ll need to replace it. If you’re not sure if repaving is needed, look out for the signs mentioned below.

  1. Cracks

Small cracks are easy to repair but cracks that are deep and wide suggest serious damage. Since bigger cracks can’t be repaired, it’s best to completely replace the driveway. Repairing them will only last a short while. If you do decide to repair rather than replace, keep in mind that the spots that have been repaired will appear darker and noticeable, thus still affect your home’s appearance.

  1. Holes

Large holes in your driveway need to be replaced as soon as possible since they can lead to injury if someone were to step in them or trip on them. They can also cause major damage to your car’s suspension and tyres. It can damage even more of your driveway by loosening the materials if water collects in the holes.

  1. Drainage issues

Water won’t affect your driveway if it’s in a good condition. If you have drainage problems, however, it can lead to even more serious damage. If your driveway is sloped or uneven, this will cause water to pool in specific areas which will weaken your paving, resulting in more holes and cracks.

If you have checked one or more of the boxes mentioned above, then it’s time to replace your driveway. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you might think. You can hire professional paving contractors in Johannesburg to do the paving project for you. Get in touch with Techno Pave today and let the experts take care of your driveway.


3 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Paving Contractors

Your driveway should be inspected for holes and cracks on a regular basis since neglecting to do so will end up costing you money. If you have big holes in your driveway, you could risk damaging your car’s suspension or if someone were to step in it, they might be injured. If driveway maintenance is left for too long, you’ll have to repave your driveway sooner, causing you to spend more money.

Another way to waste money is to hire unskilled paving contractors for your paving project. This can create even bigger problems than you already have. When hiring paving contractors, you need to be extra careful and keep the following in mind.

  1. Get several quotes

When faced with major home improvements such as paving, the worst thing you can do is to go for the first quote you receive. Do your homework, and find reliable paving contractors, then get at least three quotes so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Get references

Once you’ve settled on a paving contractor, visit their website or facebook page and get some feedback from previous clients. If you can’t find anything online, ask your potential paving contractor for references and get in touch with them. Don’t just blindly trust that they know what they are doing.

  1. Don’t hire paving contractors based on price

Never go for the cheapest paving contractor! Unless you’ve done all the necessary research and you’re certain they really are the best option. Chances are if they are the cheapest, they are buying lower quality materials which will affect the job they will do for you.

For a reliable paving contractor in Johannesburg, get in touch with Techno Pave. With almost 20 years experience in the paving industry, you can trust that they will give your project the attention it deserves.



Whatever the project, from paving to building & more, Techno Pave & Projects is the team to call!

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Because of the exceptional workmanship obvious in all the paving carried out by this team, clients have insisted that whatever the job, Techno Pave & Projects is the only company they trust to do it, forcing Techno Pave to become Techno Pave & Projects!

This means that, aside from the superb reputation earned by this team over many years for excellence in paving, Techno Pave & Projects has a list of additional services that just seems to keep growing to keep up with the demand!

There is a team trained for every role they play in the versatile range of additional services that have been added to the ability that Techno Pave & Projects has to remain fully focussed on each of these services, as and when they are called for.

It has to be said; Techno Pave & Projects deserves their reputation for being the number one paving company in Gauteng, by the simple virtues of an unwavering commitment to superb quality, exceptional workmanship and affordability, rolled into one powerful punch in the industry.

The additional services Techno Pave & Projects is able to carry out include building and associated services such as plastering and tiling, and, without having to call any other contractors in, they will put up car ports, shade ports and secure your property with steel fencing and gate automation.

It’s virtually impossible to get more versatile than this! But there’s more!  Techno Pave & Projects is also involved in tar surfacing, kerbing, road marking and bollards throughout Pretoria, Johannesburg and the Vaal region – these guys mean business, even after all the years they have been at it!

While paving may be the core business at Techno Pave & Projects, the same level of workmanship remains consistent across all services with what their paving projects reflect, and if you want to be absolutely sure that you will have a company on your side that takes your completion schedule as seriously as you do, then Techno Pave & Projects is definitely the team for you!

While Techno Pave & Projects makes no false promises and offers no meaningless guarantees, this team has based its success since 1999 on the fact that their success is based solely on the success of each installation or project completed – it’s all designed to offer quality and peace of mind about your investment!

Looking at just a taste of some projects completed by Techno Pave & Projects is inspiring, and it is clear from some of the paving shown on this page that there is artistry at work within this team, which, by the way, is more than happy to assist you consultancy and advisory services that will make starting on your project a lot easier.

These services include a thorough assessment of each project, meticulous planning based on project specifications and an attention to detail that has always been appreciated by their many satisfied clients!

The idea at Techno Pave & Projects is to take each client through every individual project from drawing board to completion, without wasting time and money, or messing with schedules!  Techno Pave & Projects delivers on time, the project schedule is set once all plans are in place, and it is stuck to as it should be!

Bring any project to Techno Pave & Projects and watch them work the magic that has made them, first and foremost, a trusted, dependable, reliable and professional company, and they will show you how this team continues its drive to excel on all the projects they tackle, big or small!

Quality and affordable Paving in Pretoria

How do you choose the right paving company in Gauteng to do your investment justice?

Before we get into how to go about choosing the right paving company in Pretoria, Johannesburg and the surrounding Vaal region, please make sure that you don’t settle for a backyard paver, the result of a choice like this is that you will end up with paving that barely settles before it needs repairing, or, heaven forbid, replacing!

You can get quality paving at affordable prices, Techno Pave & Projects has been proving this since 1999, but trying to get it ‘on the cheap’ is going to be throwing money away, it’s a whole lot more affordable to work with professionals than to keep calling your ‘contractor’ back to repair time and again, if you can even find them!

Here are a few tips on how to choose a paving company you can rely on for a good investment:

  • Check the reputation of the company!

As in every sector of business, there are fly-by-nights who will take your money and move along swiftly, leaving inferior work in their dust, so do your research into the paving companies you are looking at.  Check into how long they have been in business, their reputation among past clients and what the standard of workmanship is on the whole.

  • Check out what the list of major clients looks like.

A sure measure of the trust placed in any paving company is the level of clients who are more than satisfied with their paving projects, even if, like Techno Pave & Projects, the company tackles projects both big and small!  Paving carried out for big business takes experience, knowledge and a high level of skill to achieve success!

  • Look at the portfolio of works completed.

Pictures say a thousand words, and they count when you are making a large investment in paving, so make sure you have visuals of work completed, preferably on a website as professionally accessible as Techno Pave & Protects is.

  • What type of projects has the company worked on?

The more versatile the services are the company offers, the more versatile the teams will be for each specific project and site.  In the case of Techno Pave & Projects, this team has tackled everything from shopping malls to hospitals, residential and commercial properties, along with schools and projects in rural areas.  Techno Pave & Projects also works closely with property developers, building companies, architects and more, given them a very versatile range of capabilities.

  • What quality can you expect, and is it affordable?

The million-dollar question! Make sure of your facts here, it’s your investment so be as fussy as you like about this!  Are you looking at SABS approved paving? Is the type of paving you want high quality, whether it is brick paving, cobblestone, clay or masonry brick pavers, to mention a few? There is also no doubt that we all want quality paving at affordable prices, so, if you want both, quality and affordability, you need to speak to the guys at Techno Pave & Projects – Jacques Barlow is the hands-on owner of this company born from humble beginnings, and he is very approachable if you need honest input for your project.

These are the basics for finding the right paving company to add real value to your property with beautiful, intricate paving that adds aesthetic appeal as well! One last thing to note about Techno Pave & Projects is that they will not hesitate to assist you with the design of your paving, and their quoting procedure involves no commitment to accepting the quote based on a free site inspection, which results in a speedy quote, with no strings attached!