You’ve chosen cobblestone for your driveway, patio or walkway, but do you know how to maintain it?


There are many types of paving, different colours and composition, such as cobblestone, clay and masonry brick-pavers; the trick is to have a truly expert opinion from professionals such as Techno Pave & Projects to ensure that your final decision will be an informed one, making it a savvy investment.

Quality is just one of the things that you won’t worry about with Techno Pave & Projects involved with your paving, the quality of pavers offered by this team that has been around since 1999 is never in doubt! What’s more is that this successful company proves over and over again that quality paving in Gauteng can be affordable!

There are many great things to say about this team, however, we are going to stick to the subject at hand and look at what it will take to keep cobblestone paving looking great for many years after Techno Pave & Projects has completed installation.

Bear in mind that cobblestone has been around for centuries and still line many walkways and roads throughout the ‘old’ world, which means that you will be adding to the beauty of your home or business at the same time as you add exceptional, long-term value to your property!

These are the basic points of maintaining cobblestone paving (pretty easy stuff!):

  • Give it a good sweep with a broom (or get the kids to do it!) to get rid of everything from dust to irritating falling leaves, give it a hose-down, let it dry.
  • People and cars truck mud all over cobblestone paving, which in time gets a little too hard for a hosing down. This is when you might need to use a bit of elbow grease to scrub these stubborn areas, using warm soapy water – be sure to let that soapy water sit a bit before you haul out the hose!
  • If there are any really stubborn stains in your cobblestone driveway, caused by oil leaks from cars, you will need to find the right safe cleaner for these beautiful stones. The Techno Pave & Projects team will be more than happy to assist you in making sure you use the right cleaner.
  • If any sand erodes around the edges or joints of the cobblestone driveway and you want to do a DIY job of fixing it, you’re in for a bit of work! This will include, very basically, pouring sand around the edges or into joints, tamping it down, pouring more sand, tamping it down, and so on. It will be many years before any of this is going to start showing, which is inevitable as a sand is used to seat cobblestones, if and when it does, do yourself a big favour and call in Techno Pave & Projects for the professional touch!
  • The very last part of taking loving care of any cobblestone paving around your property is to seal it once it’s clean, but this is optional. Sealing the paving is a good choice though, if you want to stave off staining, especially in cobblestone driveways.

It really doesn’t matter what your choice of paving is, the craftsmanship, experience and artistry of the approach Techno Pave & Projects brings to each project is the reason this team, with its hands-on owner, Jacques Barlow, has earned the reputation for being the premier paving company in Pretoria, Johannesburg and the Vaal region.

Make your investment in paving count by using only a highly trusted paving company with a well- established reputation for excellence!