Let Techno Pave & Projects help you to choose the right paving to suit your driveway.


Paving isn’t just paving! Some paving is better for high traffic areas, while others don’t fare as well under the same conditions, which is where the experience and knowledge of Techno Pave & Projects comes in very handy!

The paving you would use for your patio is not necessarily going to be suitable for your driveway or pathways, but, wherever you are going to pave, it is important to make sure that you choose paving that is going to go the distance without needing too much maintenance – keep in mind though that all paving will require a bit of love and care every now and then to keep it looking good through all seasons.

Techno Pave & Projects offer optimal quality at affordable prices, using only first-grade SABS approved bricks from well-established and trusted suppliers, and creating works of art with high quality cobblestone, flagstone, clay and masonry brick pavers, so quality is never in question when it comes to what is delivered by Techno Pave & Projects.

Concrete has always been one of the most popular choices for driveways, however, many homeowners look for something more interesting in their paving and to make it a beautiful extension of their home, which is where cobblestones have become popular as one of the most durable options for driveways.

Cobblestone pavers can handle the weight of vehicles over many years without showing any signs of cracking or damage, and, no matter how bad the weather is, a cobblestone driveway will not need replacement, even in the harshest of environments – history shows this clearly in the cobblestone roads that have stood for centuries in far older countries than South Africa!

On an aesthetic level, cobblestone can give your home or commercial property great visual appeal, and, with the variety of colours available and the right unique design, even your driveway can become a personalised signature of your own style and personality – it’s a major investment so you may as well get creative with the team at Techno Pave & Projects and have fun in the process!

Look around at driveways and you’ll see the stains that culprits like oil leaks and other leaks from cars as well as tire marks leave indelibly imprinted on many a driveway, if that’s not what you want, you won’t get better than a well-sealed cobblestone driveway, and, since Techno Pave & Projects has been in the industry since 1999, you can be absolutely certain that they know their stuff!

Another great quality of a cobblestone driveway is that even if a paver does somehow get stained or damaged, Techno Pave & Projects will easily be able to remove and replace it, which cannot be done with concrete driveways – once a concrete driveway starts giving in to damage and cracks, the only way to repair it is to replace it!

Ultimately though, the team at Techno Pave & Projects, with owner Jacques Barlow totally involved, will guide you through your choices, the pros and cons of the different types of pavers, and make sure that your final choice will be made based on the professional advice of a team who really care about the quality of their workmanship!