Every type of paving is taken to the level of an art form at Techno Pave & Projects!

All great paving starts with a good base, and if any corners are cut or steps left out, it won’t matter how great the quality of your pavers are, ultimately they are not going to be worth the investment, and most definitely not in the long run!

Techno Pave & Projects knows exactly what it takes to move your paving project from the drawing board to the base and then to apply master craftsmanship and fifteen years worth of experience to lay paving that will last well into the future.

Having a team at your side who knows paving like the back of their own hands is going to make a huge difference when it comes to deciding what type of paving will suit your project perfectly, for maximum effect and longevity.

If you are planning to pave your driveway, you are more than likely going to be looking at a different type of paving to that that you may use around a pool or patio, and it is in details such as this that the experience brought by hands-on owner Jacques Barlow will assist you to make informed decisions from the start.

Techno Pave & Projects use a large variety of quality products such as cobblestone, flagstones, clay and masonry brick-pavers, and you can rest assured that they only purchase first-grade SABS approved bricks from established suppliers, which means that no matter what your ultimate choice of paver is, you can expect optimal quality at affordable prices from this team!

The quality of concrete pavers and brick pavers used by Techno Pave & Projects, added to their highly skilled workmanship, virtually guarantees you a driveway that will last several decades, and that is definitely an investment worth making to add value to your property!

No matter how big or small your project is you can rely on Techno Pave & Projects to rise to the occasion and deliver paving that is taken to the level of an art form!