Choose Techno Pave & Projects as your expert partner when planning paving and civil construction projects.

Hands-on, hardworking Jacques Barlow started Techno Pave & Projects in 1999, and as owner and director, Jacques has kept his hand on the pulse of the business by being involved with every aspect of his industry, to the extent that he not only handles quotes personally but also manages all aspects of brick paving and civil construction projects.  Using only optimum quality first grade SABS approved bricks, cobblestone, flagstone, clay and masonry brick-pavers, you can be assured that it is this hands-on approach that has gathered a team of experts together to deliver a standard of workmanship that is outstanding in the paving industry.

The team at Techno Pave is a pleasure to work with and committed to saving you time and money by assisting you every step of the way, from the planning stages of your project to its final completion, offering solutions that not only ensure that our paving will be durable, but installed exactly as you want it to be, on time.

With satisfied customers such as the Department of Agriculture, M&T Developments, SANRAL, Imperial Group and many more, you can be confident that any project our team takes on will live up to the guarantees and promises we make and keep.

Although Techno Pave has completed projects that have been as large as 20 000 square metres of paving, our highly skilled teams are specifically trained to produce the finest workmanship for any installation, no matter what size the project is.  Our team is also available and experienced at providing tenders for all types of segmental paving using a large variety of optimal quality products, capable of producing the most intricate designs with careful attention to detail.

Choosing the very best partner in affordable and beautiful paving in Pretoria has never been easier, just call on our friendly team and no matter what you project is, we will find a way to make it a reality!