Pave your way to the finest workmanship with Techno Pave & Projects.

Simply by looking at our history and experience added to the many satisfied customers who have benefited from our outstanding workmanship, you can trust that you will add lasting value to your commercial or private property by choosing Techno Pave & Projects to create and install beautiful paving and tiling at affordable prices.

You can expect nothing less than an expert team to pay meticulous attention to detail in the planning stages of your project and keep you updated on the schedule of your installation at all times.

Techno Pave has over fifteen years worth of professional experience, commitment and dedication which is clear in how highly we value our reputation built on dependability and trust, added to dedicated and skilled workmanship.

With skilled, experienced and dedicated teams, we will provide you with the best in paving and related building solutions throughout Gauteng, Tswhane, Eastrand, Westrand right through to Warmbaths.

Techno Pave does not consider any job too big or small, with our largest being over 20 000 square metres, all carried out with highly skilled teams trained to handle any installation, so that from the planning stage to final installation you can trust that your project will be in the best hands in the industry.

Due to increased demand for our high level of workmanship our customers have come to rely on, Techno Pave has extended our services to encompass other areas of construction and related industries, such as tar surfacing, road marking, kerbs, car ports, plastering, steel fencing and gates as well as sub-surface drainage systems, to name a few.

We use only the highest quality in materials, pavers and tiles at affordable prices to suit your budget. Please visit our website for further information regarding our range of services, or give our friendly team at Techno Pave a call for a free, no obligation quote and expert guidance to get your project started the right way.

Create the perfect paving project and much more in partnership with Techno Pave & Projects.

For fifteen years Techno Pave & Projects has been laying beautiful, high quality paving throughout Gauteng, from Pretoria to Warmbaths as well the East Rand and West Rand, with many satisfied clients who have contributed to our continuing success and growth.  If you want to add value to your residential or commercial property, Techno Pave offers meticulous planning, detailed specifications and drawings as well as project scheduling that will keep you up to date throughout your project.

Our team at Techno Pave take your investment in paving seriously and it is with pride that we offer each client the same attention to detail that has been the fundamental core of our continuing success in the industry since our inception in 1999.

Our many satisfied clients speak to our reputation that has been built on dependability, experience and trustworthiness, knowing that they can rely on us to bring projects in on time at affordable prices.

Our specialised, professional consultancy services will guide you on how to create the right look and feel for whatever space you need paved, from driveways to patios and residential to commercial properties, no matter what size your project is, the level of workmanship and expertise remains the same.

Techno Pave uses only first-grade SABS approved bricks, flagstones, cobblestone and masonry brick pavers to offer you only the finest quality in paving. Our expert team is fully equipped to guide you to the best solutions for your project, from the drawing board to installation, and due to our consistently high level of workmanship and dedication to each project, it has become essential for us to add to other areas of expertise to our core business of paving.

Our additional services now include earthworks, tar surfacing, road marking, building, plastering and tiling as well as steel fencing and gates to carports, among others, offering the same level of professionalism and expertise that has created a reputation we take great pride in.

We invite you to visit our website to view our portfolio of some of our projects successfully completed and to view the recommendations of our many satisfied clients.  The team at Techno Pave offer you a partnership based on trust and reliability, as well as affordability, when you plan your project with us.

There are no limits to the expertise that Techno Pave & Projects has to offer.

With an attitude that is not limited, it should come as no surprise that Techno Pave & Projects is considered one of the top paving companies in Pretoria.  Being able to place your project into the care of a hands-on working director like Jacques Barlow and his team, will instil a high level of confidence in our ability to successfully manage and complete your project.

Armed with 16 years worth of experience, Jacques will quote and manage all aspects of your project construction and asphalt laying.  Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, specialising in brick paving (using only first-grade SABS approved bricks) and civil construction projects, which should be a good indication of the scope of work that we are able to offer.

Our high standard of service delivery has resulted in an increase in requests from our satisfied customers for additional services to be added to our core business of paving, allowing us to extend our experience into many other areas.

The highly skilled teams provided by Techno Pave offer apply their experience to earthworks and tar surfacing, road marking, sub-surface drainage systems as well as kerbing, applying the same meticulous attention to detail as we offer in other areas of expertise.

The services at Techno Pave also extend to building, steel fencing and gates as well as carports and shade ports, taking a look at our website will give you a clear indication of the variety of specialised services we have to offer.

We will not only plan and deliver your project on time, every time, but we will offer a level of professionalism that is rare, involving you in the planning stages as well as keeping you in the loop and up to date with the schedule for your project. Contact our friendly team to start moving your project forward today!

Make the change to committed service excellence and workmanship from Techno Pave & Projects.

Choosing a company to offer you the best solutions for your paving needs is not always easy, however, with our experience in the industry, added to a reputation for service excellence among our well recognised customers, Techno Pave & Projects not only offers the best in paving, but makes it an affordable, long-lasting investment.

We are proud that our friendly team of experts will offer you a free, no obligation quote in order to make your decision to join our list of satisfied customers that much easier.  We are confident that we are able to plan and install paving that ranges from simple and classic to intricately designed, made to stand the test of time.

From the Tswane Metro area to the East and West Rand, Brits and Bronkhorspruit to Warmbaths, our highly skilled and experienced construction teams have successfully produced finished projects of the highest standard possible in our industry.

With attention to detail and meticulous planning Techno Pave will provide you with detailed specifications and drawings, as well as providing you with the schedule for your project in order to keep you informed throughout the process, from start to finish.

Under the expert, hands-on guidance and approach of Jacques Barlow, coming from humble beginnings in 1999, Techno Pave has grown to the level of being recognised as one of the leading paving companies in Pretoria.  This tremendous success has been earned through our reputation for a commitment to maintaining a professional, reliable, trustworthy and dependable foundation and work ethic.

At Techno Pave we do not consider any project to be too small or too big, whether we install tiling, cobble stone, flagstones or clay and masonry brick pavers, you can rely on us to offer you optimal quality while at the same time maintaining our ability to offer affordable prices.

Contact our friendly team to arrange for your no-obligation free quote and join our many satisfied customers who have contributed to our successful reputation.

It takes dedication added to meticulous planning to create stunning tile and paving projects.

Turning your paving into a masterpiece requires experience in many areas, from concept to final product, and our teams at Techno Pave & Projects are infinitely qualified and experienced in working on many varied projects. With 15 years behind us and many more to come, we have had to ensure that our standard of service delivery stands head and shoulders above our competitors.

Taking into account that beautiful paving is the perfect finishing touch to any area around your home or commercial property, from the driveway to the patio or pool, we consider it our privilege to turn our project into a work of art and not a white elephant that will require constant repair.

Each project is unique, whether it is big or small, and our team at Techno Pave approach each project with the ability to offer a unique and individual solution for each customer, paying attention to the smallest details in order to make sure that we can deliver on our promises and guarantees. Our motto is simple; “Your satisfaction is our guarantee!”

Our success has not only been built on our professional approach, consultancy and advisory services for all our clients, but also on the high value we place on word of mouth recommendations. The list of satisfied Techno Pave & Projects clients includes Curro Private Schools, One Property Holdings, The Department of Forestry & Fisheries and Imperial Group, to name just a few.

Our projects cross the entire spectrum from residential and commercial projects to government and private schools, projects or architects and developers, as well as for property agents and sports clubs and so much more.

If what you are looking for is a seamlessly easy experience that leaves no detail unattended to, from drawing board to completion, our friendly team of experts at Techno Pave have unrivalled service excellence to offer you.

Increase the value of your residential or commercial property with paving from Techno Pave & Projects.

Whether you have invested in a home or a commercial property, it is one of the most important investments you will ever make.  Despite fluctuations in the property market, keeping your property well maintained and looking good will always contribute to an increase in its value, and everyone wants to know that their investment will offer a good return.

In many suburbs as well as in many commercial areas in South Africa, there is a definite shortage of parking, making the addition of an attractive, well designed and paved driveway well worthwhile adding, as well as adding extra value by providing additional of-street parking for visitors.

From an aesthetic point of view, the first thing anyone sees is the exterior of your home, and if maintaining and growing your property value is important to you then your driveway and surrounds should reflect the standard that your home does.

If yours is a commercial property aimed at accommodating the offices of high profile businesses, the paving in and around the property will have a direct impact on the first impressions anyone will have of a corporate business operating out of your building or property.

Contracting a trustworthy, experienced and reliable company like Techno Pave & Projects, with its many years in the industry as well as its exceptionally good reputation, is the best option to ensure that you will be able to add real value for money at affordable prices for beautiful paving.

The team at Techno Pave will take you from concept to design to an expertly finished final product.  With our 16 years worth of experience, our expert teams have completed many projects, from small to over 20 000 square metres. We are proud to offer a level of professionalism and attention to detail that exceptional as well as being the foundation of our success.

Our friendly team offer consultancy and advisory services to all our clients, as well as ensuring that all projects are accurately assessed, with meticulously detailed specifications, drawings and project scheduling plans provided to create tailor-made solutions for all our customers. Please visit our website to view some of the work we have done and so much more in terms of project management that Techno Pave & Projects is able to offer, or contact our friendly team for a free, no-obligation quote along with expert advice.


The Techno Pave & Projects teams have laid intricately designed paving in areas from patios to terraces, driveways to areas as large as 20 000 m2, which, after over fifteen years worth of experience will give you an indication of the level of professional, committed and dedicated workmanship we are able to provide.

If you value a reputation built on trustworthiness and dependability, then approaching our friendly team with your project requirements, whether in Pretoria or in Warmbaths, East or West Rand, will be a choice that will set you on a course to deal with a specialist paving company that will bring your projects in on time and save you money.

Having specialised in brick paving and civil construction projects for so many years, under the dedicated guidance of manager and owner Jacques Barlow, known to be a leading paving specialist in Pretoria, our team is fully equipped to offer you the best advice on what would best suit your project.

Whatever material you use, from first-grade SABS approved bricks, to flagstones or cobblestone and masonry brick pavers, and so much more, we will advise you on how to create the best effect to create the right look and feel of the space you need paved.

Choosing the best contractor is vital in order to ensure the highest standard of workmanship that will last for years and not have you tearing out your hair before it is all completed, and our reputation speaks for itself.

We know that paving is more than just beautifully decorative, it is also meant to add value to your property, whether it is a private residence or a commercial property, and our goal is to offer you meticulous planning, detailed specifications and drawings, as well as project scheduling plans so that you will know exactly how carefully your project will be looked after from start to finish.

It is easy to fall under the spell of disreputable paving contractors, they have their sales pitch set up perfectly to fool the most discerning customers, and it has been our pride in our work and attention to detail that has brought us to the position to offer you nothing less than the best at Techno Pave & Projects, to ensure that you can avoid such situations.


Based on many years worth of experience, Techno Pave & Projects is the perfect, one stop solution to owners of property, or building companies, both private and commercial, architects, sports clubs, developers and property agents.  We are able, not only to deliver beautiful, affordable and high quality paving, but, also to offer many of the building solutions you may require for your project.

Your project may require plastering and tiling, or steel fencing and gates installed with gate automation installed expertly, or asphalt for a driveway and parking area, and our friendly team of experts are just a call away with assistance for all your queries.

For developers of complexes or secure housing estates, we offer not only all the services above, but, added to these, we are able to offer solutions for roads in the estate.  We will carry out the work paving or tar surfacing, do the road marking, kerbing as well as sub-surface drainage systems

We take pride in an excellent reputation based, with many satisfied customers, that has put us in the position to offer the varied services that we carry out for the building and related industries. Techno Pave carries our same commitment to meticulous planning and execution of projects right across the spectrum as we do with our beautiful paving.

Over and above the affordable and beautiful paving we are able to deliver, as well as the above additional services, we are able to install Car Ports and Shade ports with the same level of skill we apply to every project our teams at Techno Pave are able to deliver.

The ethos behind Techno Pave is that success breed’s success, and we fully intend to carry this same commitment and high level of service far into the future.  Give our team a call for a free, no obligation quote, and take advantage of our ability to also offer professional consultancy and advisory services to our clients.  Trust, reliability and commitment are what drive us to give you and your project only the best attention.


Since its humble and hardworking inception in 1999, with a committed and hands-on approach to all projects, owner and director, Jacques Barlow, has guided Techno Pave & Projects to where it is the most highly professional paving partner to bring into any project. Backed up and supported by an expert team who deliver only the highest standard of workmanship to each project, we only use first-grade SABS approved bricks, which allows us to offer you top quality at an affordable price.

Paving is one of those things that we tend to take for granted until it becomes a problem.  Inevitably the time comes to either repair or have a new driveway laid, or to redo other problem areas.  Perhaps you have decided to lay new tiles around your pool or patio, or even a parking area, and this is where the expert services of Techno Pave & Projects will be a trusted solution.

Based on many satisfied customers and a well earned reputation for beautifully crafted work, Techno Pave & Projects will take you from the planning stages right through to completion of your project in a timely and cost effective manner that will make our friendly and professional team a pleasure to work with.

Because our reputation is a great source of pride to us we continue to strive for the highest level of excellence on all our projects, whether it is in paving or civil construction projects.

Looking at the artistry of just a few of the examples of the projects we have completed on our website, you will see for yourself that to achieve the standard we deliver takes commitment, dedication, the finest use of accumulated knowledge, skill and professional mastery.

When you decide to pave, or use asphalt, it should be an investment that will give you a return for years to come and Techno & Projects Pave has the experience and dedication to be able to deliver exactly that level of workmanship with confidence, no matter what size your project is. Our friendly team is available to assist you expertly with the best solutions for your project.


Affordable quality, along with intricately designed and beautiful paving really is possible with Techno Pave & Projects. We have proved this through many years worth of experience, so much so that, because of our ability to provide a high standard of service, we have found that many of our satisfied customers have asked us to assist them with other areas outside of paving that require the professional and committed service excellence and workmanship they have come to rely on in dealing with us.

From the first time you contact our friendly team at Techno Pave for your free, no obligation quote, to the finalised project, it will be clear that we are not only willing, but, with our combined experience of many years, very able to provide other solutions that your project may require, with the same level of professionalism and commitment you can expect from us.

Whether you need fencing and gates, plastering and tiling as well as bollards, earthworks and road markings, we are absolutely willing to assess, according to your specifications, plan and carry out much more than just your paving projects.  We believe that anything is possible with the right attitude!

We have experienced and highly skilled construction teams working on projects stretching across the Tswhane Metro area to the East and West Rand, Brits and Brokhorspruit right up to Warmbaths, and you will be able to rest assured that you are in the hands of teams that are well trained and able to measure up to the highest standard.

We take great care where it comes to the smallest details in meticulous planning, no matter what size your project is, so that you will be provided with detailed specifications, drawings and a project schedule.  From Cobble Stone to flagstones, clay to masonry brick-paving and asphalt laying, no project is too big or too small for Techno Pave. Our team look forward to hearing from you and joining you on your project, from start to finish!