No one can measure up to the quality offered by Techno Pave & Projects!

With many years worth of experience as a solid foundation behind the team at Techno Pave & Projects, you can rely on this team for professional consultancy and advisory services that are far above average in the paving industry and related services, especially with the comprehensive range of civil construction services that have been added to an already impressive portfolio since 1999.

The motto at Techno Pave & Projects is ‘Your satisfaction is our guarantee’, and if the quality of each project undertaken by this team is anything to go by, it is clear that this guarantee of satisfaction for each Techno Pave & Projects customer is the reason that this team is trusted by many long term customers to deliver on and exceed their expectations on each project completed.

As far as completing projects on time and according to budget, there is no one in the industry that can touch Techno Pave & Projects, they keep each client updated throughout the project and ensure that they put their money where their mouth is where it comes to the ability that Techno Pave & Projects has in delivering on their guarantees of quality!

Versatility is definitely the bottom line for Techno Pave & Projects, especially when you look at the extended and comprehensive range of other building and civil construction services that have been added over the years as a result of demands by clients for more of the same standard of workmanship and service delivery experienced previously on paving projects!

In a highly competitive market, Techno Pave & Projects has maintained an unwavering commitment to value for money and service excellence, which has earned them their rightful place as the number one paving company in Pretoria and surrounding areas in Gauteng, and with hands-on owner Jacques Barlow at the helm, the future certainly looks bright for this versatile company!

Why not contact Techno Pave & Projects today to find out what this team is able to do in assisting you with your next project, whether it is for paving, building or other construction related services, at the very least you will be meeting a team with a fantastic can-do attitude!

Expect the best of everything from paving to tiling with Techno Pave & Projects!

The core business of Techno Pave & Projects is the planning, design and laying of high quality paving, whether it is basic brick paving or intricately designed paving in perfect alignment with the style of your property.  Any paving laid by Techno Pave & Projects, whether it is a driveway, patio, pathway or paving around your pool will ensure that you will have added excellent value to your property, especially as a result of the quality and workmanship offered by Techno Pave & Projects.

Despite paving being the core business of Techno Pave & Projects, the high standard of workmanship experienced by many long term customers has created a demand for an extension of the services offered by Techno Pave & Projects, and with the experience gained since 1999 in many spheres, Techno Pave & Projects has been able to meet and exceed all these demands for additional services.

Techno Pave & Projects is fast gaining a reputation for high quality services and workmanship in services which include earthworks, tar surfacing, plastering and tiling, as well as fencing, carports and shade ports, among a multitude of other construction and industry related services, each delivered with the same exceptional standard that has made Techno Pave & Projects a market leader in the industry.

These fully comprehensive services along with the finest quality in paving in Pretoria and surrounding areas are all aimed at offering affordable prices that are designed to suit every budget, along with a commitment by the team at Techno Pave & Projects to ensure that all projects are completed on time, every time.

Each Techno Pave & Projects team member is highly trained and experienced where it comes to the key role they each play on individual projects, ensuring that all the elements required for the successful completion of high quality projects all fit together perfectly to achieve long lasting results.

Techno Pave & Projects is managed by owner Jacques Barlow who takes a personal approach to each project, big or small, and along with the expert teams he has assembled over the years, you can be absolutely certain that when your project is in the hands of Techno Pave & Projects, your expectations will be exceeded, no matter what challenge you lay at the doorstep of this cohesive team of professionals.

Techno Pave & Projects is willing and able to tackle any project relying on well earned experience!

Techno Pave & Projects have proudly extended their range of services due to an ever increasing demand from long term customers for more of the same high standard of professionalism and workmanship they have experienced at the hands of Techno Pave & Projects with their design and installation of high quality, affordable paving.

This extended list of construction services offered to customers includes everything from tar surfacing to car ports, shade ports, plastering and tiling, building, steel fencing, gates and more, all of which are delivered with the same high standard of workmanship that has made Techno Pave & Projects the best paving company in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

With the extensive experience built up by this team since 1999, Techno Pave & Projects places a high value on building long term relationships with loyal customers, all of whom have relied on Techno Pave & Projects to deliver on their promises and guarantees by providing dedicated skilled design and workmanship, along with only the best in quality products at unbeatable prices.

Techno Pave & Projects pays meticulous attention to detail, no matter what the project is, you can rely on the fact that you will be working with a thoroughly professional organisation that offers accessible consultancy and advisory services to all customers, whether the project is big or small.  Techno Pave & Projects consider each of their projects a work of art and apply the same level of commitment, knowledge, skill and professional mastery as any artist would in the work they produce.

Standing head above shoulders of the rest in the industry, Techno Pave & Projects keeps an open line of communication going as far as the scheduling plans and progress of your project is concerned, ensuring that you are kept updated at all times, but it is the true mark of professional conduct that you can rely on where it comes to the commitment by Techno Pave & Projects to deliver your project on time, every time!

Make sure that before you start planning any project you contact Techno Pave & Projects, no matter what your project requirements are, Techno Pave & Projects has the experience to tackle any challenge!

Quality and affordable workmanship that lasts a lifetime can only delivered by Techno Pave & Projects.

If it is high quality, long lasting paving or construction and civil construction project management you are looking for, then a free no-obligation quote from Techno Pave & Projects is a choice you will never regret!  It is extremely rare to find this level of exceptional quality in terms of materials and skilled workmanship at affordable prices, provided by a team who will always deliver on time and work within your budget across a comprehensive range of construction and paving services.

The hands-on style of management by Jacques Barlow, who was involved in paving for many years before starting Techno Pave & Projects from its very humble beginning in 1999, has had an exceptionally positive impact on the success and growth of the company, the team he has brought together maintains an unwavering commitment to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Techno Pave & Projects is the leading paving company in Pretoria and surrounding areas, offering quality workmanship that is hard to beat, whether it is in providing intricate paving or car ports and shade ports.  Although paving is at the core of Techno Pave & Projects, the result of their outstanding workmanship and service is that many of their satisfied customers have requested that Techno Pave & Projects extend their services so that they can rely on the same level of professionalism as delivered by this team in paving projects.

Attention to detail and uncompromising quality is fundamental to all projects carried out by Techno Pave & Projects, and despite the quality of paving used, Techno Pave & Projects is committed to offering affordable prices designed to suit every budget.  Paving designed and installed by Techno Pave & Projects is of a quality that will last through all kinds of wear and tear, keeping your driveway, patio or swimming pool paving looking good for a lifetime.

Contact Techno Pave & Projects for a friendly consultation or free no-obligation quote, whatever the project is, Techno Pave & Projects will rise to the occasion like the true professionals they are.

Contact Techno Pave & Projects for workmanship that is consistent and always completed on time!

Since its humble beginning in 1999, Techno Pave & Projects has experienced a phenomenal rate of growth under the guidance of hands-on, hardworking director Jacques Barlow, making Techno Pave & Projects the number one paving company in Pretoria and Johannesburg, reaching far into the surrounding areas in Gauteng.

The reasons for this exceptional growth are due to the reputation earned by Techno Pave & Projects for being thoroughly professional, trustworthy and dependable enough to ensure that projects are brought in on time and strictly according to budget, with an attitude of paying attention to the smallest of details involved in any project, from large scale to smaller paving projects.

When Techno Pave & Projects takes on your paving job, you can have absolute confidence about the quality and value for money you can view as a guarantee from this team, after all, they consider that their guarantee is your satisfaction with a job well done.  As a result of many years worth of experience and expert workmanship, most of the new customers approaching Techno Pave & Projects are as a direct result of third party recommendations from their many satisfied customers, making this team even more determined to continue their unwavering commitment to offering high quality paving at affordable prices.

With this many years worth of experience you can be certain that any paving designed according to your specifications will leave you with stunning paving that will last a long time, whether you have chosen a simple but stylish paving style, or an intricate design for the area you would like paved, your Techno Pave & Projects paving will be the perfect frame for your home as well as add fantastic value to your property.

Whether you are looking for the best paving in Pretoria and Johannesburg, or the most professional, hands-on civil project management along with an entire range of construction related projects, you can rely on Techno Pave & Projects to offer you outstanding workmanship that is consistent and professional, always completed on time with a quality guarantee not many in the industry can offer!

Bring your paving design ideas to Techno Pave & Projects for unbeatable tailor made solutions.

Add value to your home or business with beautiful paving from the professionals at Techno Pave & Projects, allowing beautifully designed interiors to flow out and frame the exterior of your home or business in a way that creates an aesthetic extension of your property.

With water shortages becoming a very real threat and with the cost of water rising, many Techno Pave & Projects customers are opting to work with this experienced team in order to replace lawns with beautifully laid paving, relying on Techno Pave & Projects to design and install paving that is not only high quality but that is affordable to boot.

Techno Pave & Projects has become a market leader in paving in the Pretoria by offering nothing less than the best in design and skilled craftsmanship, provided by teams that are fully trained to deal effectively and professionally with the specific roles they carry out for every project.

With the flexibility to take on smaller paving projects such as paving around pools, patios, driveways and walkways, Techno Pave & Projects also has the experience to tackle large paving projects for commercial and industrial properties, with one of their largest to date covering an area of 20 000 square metres worth of heavy duty paving able to withstand a large amount of wear and tear.

Techno Pave & Projects have provided their uncompromising quality of paving to construction companies, on a residential and commercial level, as well as providing schools, developers, property agents, sports clubs and facility managers with high quality but affordable paving, offering a consistent level of project delivery since 1999.

Bring your paving ideas to Techno Pave & Projects, and with hands-on owner Jacques Barlow and his team, they will work with you to find the best tailor made solution to meet your requirements, or let the team assist you by putting forward various paving design options which will suit your property and budget perfectly if you are uncertain about what you are looking for, providing you with an investment that will offer high yields in the long term.

Please visit the Techno Pave & Projects website to view the extensive range of services this team is able to offer, you will be amazed at what they can produce based on their many years worth of experience!

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Versatility is the name of the game with Techno Pave & Projects!

Versatility is the name of the game where it comes to Techno Pave & Projects and their ability to offer cost effective solutions, which include everything from intricate paving to plastering and tiling and other building related projects, extending as far as tar surfacing and civil construction project management.

Expert workmanship and quality is at the core of the success that Techno Pave & Projects has enjoyed since 1999, which is exactly what has led to their position as the number one paving company in Gauteng. Techno Pave & Projects is in demand in both country and metro areas in Gauteng, rendering services to residential and commercial building companies, government and private schools, property developers and architects as well as property agents and sports clubs, the list of clients who rely on the trusted services of Techno Pave & Projects to provide a consistently high standard or workmanship is a long one!

Hands-on owner Jacques Barlow has his hands firmly on the pulse of Techno Pave & Projects, inspiring his team to remain true to hardworking ethics that produce top quality results, knowing that when he says ‘Your satisfaction is our guarantee’ the results will speak for themselves and you will join a long list of satisfied clients.

Stylish and intricate paving has been raised to a level of art by Techno Pave & Projects, so that no matter where Techno Pave & Projects lays your paving, you will be adding true value to your property at exceptional prices as well as working with a team who are more than willing to put their money where their mouth is!

Just because Techno Pave & Projects is able to provide custom paving solutions to suit any budget does not mean that the quality of your paving will in any way be compromised based on the size of your project, big or small, the quality remains the same with Techno Pave & Projects.

Contact Techno Pave & Projects to consult on any project that requires a hands-on approach and absolute commitment to quality!


Put the challenge to Techno Pave & Projects and they will come out on top each time!

Techno Pave & Projects is committed to offering a unique, tailor made solution for every paving project undertaken, ensuring that no matter how big or small the project is, you can trust Techno Pave & Projects to pay meticulous attention to every detail required to ensure that the end result will always be one with which you are completely satisfied.

The craftsmen from Techno Pave & Projects are all highly qualified to carry out a wide range of projects, and based on fifteen years worth of experience, you can rely on Techno Pave & Projects to ensure that your paving project will be an investment that will stand the test of time, in addition to which, a Techno Pave & Projects paving project will undoubtedly add a exceptional value to your property.

To the Techno Pave & Projects team beautiful paving is a work of art with which to frame any area you wish paved, whether it is a pathway, a driveway, a patio or a pool, this team of professionals add a stylish and professional finishing touch to every project they undertake.

Many satisfied clients are happy to highly recommend Techno Pave & Projects, whether it is for paving or for any of the many extended services this multifaceted team is able to provide, knowing full well that anyone they recommend to this team will experience the same highly professional approach to the consultancy and advisory services offered by Techno Pave & Projects.

The Department of Forestry & Fisheries, Imperial Group, South African Roads and Transport Services, One Property Holdings and Curro Private Schools all number under the long list of satisfied clients who have trusted Techno Pave & Projects to ensure that every project undertaken is brought in on schedule and within the expected budget.

Please visit the Techno Pave & Projects website to find out what this team is able to offer you with their wide range of services which cover virtually any project you can think of, and if there is anything you need done which is not on the site, Techno Pave & Projects is definitely up for the challenge!


Don’t settle for anything less than the best in beautiful paving!

Need beautiful paving that will last?  Civil project management?  Bollards?  Road marking? Well, you name it, Techno Pave & Projects can do it, and that is exactly what distinguishes Techno Pave & Projects from any other company in the industry, a can-do attitude and a versatility based on many years worth of experience across a broad range of paving and construction services.

Jacques Barlow and his team at Techno Pave & Projects have achieved phenomenal success as they extended their services due to demands from many loyal clients over the years since 1999, and it still looks like nothing is going to stop them.  Techno Pave & Projects has added plastering and tiling, steel fencing and gates, building along with carports and shade ports to their ever growing list of services, all of which meet perfectly in the middle of anything that requires attention to detail and professional workmanship.

Techno Pave & Projects is a full-service company and yet at no stage does the quality of workmanship slack off; the uncompromising quality is always evident in anything this hands-on owner and his team tackle.

The size of any project does not affect the standard of service you can expect from Techno Pave & Projects, their satisfied clients will tell you that you can trust this team to be the most reliable and professional partner to have on any project.  With the many years worth of experience brought to bear by this team, you can be sure that projects are always completed on schedule and within budget.

With their core focus on paving, Techno Pave & Projects, you can trust this team to use only the highest quality in cobble stone, flagstones, clay and masonry brick pavers for your project, nothing else would be considered good enough for Techno Pave & Projects clients.

As a company able to provide tenders on all types of segmental paving, from standard paving to the most intricate of designs, you can be confident in your choice of Techno Pave & Projects to add long lasting value to your property!

Beautiful paving and civil construction management rolled into one powerhouse!

Reaching the top of their industry and staying there since 1999 is a combination of creative design, a commitment to quality and outstanding workmanship, along with a pioneering spirit which drives Techno Pave & Projects to reach higher on a consistent basis, no matter where their project management is required.

With so many years worth of experience and a stellar reputation to boot, it is obvious in everything they do that Techno Pave & Projects maintains an exceptional standard of workmanship and service excellence, whether it is in designing and laying intricately designed paving or taking on project management for civil construction projects, no matter how big or small they may be.

Throughout the years, Techno Pave & Projects has had to keep extending their services, which has come about due to the requests by many satisfied clients that this team do more than just paving for them because they know that no matter what the project is, Techno Pave & Projects is infinitely capable of delivering the same standard of workmanship as displayed in their paving.

With a hands-on owner who is involved in everything from quoting to many other aspects of civil construction projects, Techno Pave & Projects is considered to be the number one paving company in Gauteng, with an unwavering commitment to providing beautiful paving in a cost effective way which includes the budgetary constraints and time schedules of each client.

Techno Pave & Projects is a versatile team, able to take on any size project, from laying a couple of metres of paving around a pool to major commercial and industrial paving projects, yet, no matter how big or small, the standard of workmanship remains the same; hard to beat!

If adding true value and beauty to your home with paving that is artfully designed and professionally layed is your next plan, make sure that you plan it with the team from Techno Pave & Projects, it will be a decision you never regret!