4 Ways Interlocking Brick Paving Is Good For The Environment

It’s no secret that interlocking brick paving is an affordable way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. But did you know that it is also an eco-friendly option that will protect mother nature?

Here are a few of the many environmental benefits:

#1 Reduces water runoff

It can get a little damp when it’s rainy season and all that water has to go somewhere. When rain lands on non-porous surfaces like asphalt or concrete, water runs off and is navigated through curbs and storm drains. This then transports with it grease, oil and other hazardous chemicals.

Contrarily, interlocking brick paving is a permeable surface that allows water to infiltrate into the earth while trapping dissolved solids and oils. Thus, also the most ecological option.

#2 Zero Material Failure

Paving bricks are manufactured in a controlled environment, unlike concrete or asphalt. Every brick is consistent when it comes to strength and quality. Time and temperature don’t have any effect on the installation. This decreases the time and energy spent on dealing with material malfunction, particularly when compared to site-formed pavements.

#3 Low Maintenance

Interlocking brick paving is one of the lowest maintenance options available and requires less energy and other resources over their lifespan. Additionally, if the brick is stained or damaged, you don’t have to replace the whole patio or driveway. You only have to replace the ones that are corrupted. Its fast and easy while conserving the use of raw materials, thus an eco-friendly repair.

#4 Minimises the Albedo Effect

Paved areas can get extremely hot during the summertime. All of the heat that’s absorbed during the day, is slowly released at night. This, in turn, creates urban heat islands. When mixed with rainwater runoff, you are left with unusually warm water temperatures and compromised water quality.

Interlocking brick paving can be made of various colours, including light colours that will improve surface reflection and reduce environmental temperatures. Additionally, light paving can decrease the need for extra lighting at night, thus preserving energy.

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